Meet Your Candidate Cody Smith

“I am a hard working young conservative
that is fighting to Grow Georgia’s Future!” – Cody Smith

Thank you for your interest in my campaign! I will be working hard to earn your vote in the May 19th primary in 2020!

I was born in San Diego, California at Balboa Navy Hospital on April 24, 1994 to two US Navy Veterans. My parents moved to Georgia in 1996 as my father was stationed at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, where he stayed until retiring with 20 years of service. In high school I studied marketing and business management, participating in extra-curricular organizations that challenged my entrepreneurial interests. I graduated in 2012 from Camden County High School as a DECA Alumni and I am proud to have been raised in State Senate District 3!

 After graduating high school I dedicated myself to working and saving for a better life. Like a lot of Camden youth, I felt post-secondary school was out of reach for me and there were not many lucrative job opportunities for a high school graduate in the area at the time. I spent about 4 years working in Northeast FL before moving to Washington, DC in 2015. I’ve worked predominantly in the service industry doing anything from serving tables and tending bar to managing a busy Washington, DC Cafe’.

It was in Washington, DC under citizen proposed legislation Initiative 71 that gave me the freedom to explore growing cannabis in the safety & privacy of my own home. No fear of prosecution and no fear of armed men breaking down my door for the simple act of growing a  harmless plant. Fall 2017 I put my entrepreneurial spirit to the test and began delivering locally produced CBD and other cannabis-related products to those living in the DC area. My business gradually took off and it wasn’t long before I was ready to expand. With my newfound success and the desire to move home to Georgia, I began scouting locations in St. Marys for what would be my first storefront! September of 2018 I moved back home with a business and a vision.

Hemp Leaf CBD Supply Co., a Veteran- owned and operated small business, quickly grew into what is now 3 locations throughout GA’s First Congressional District, two of those being in GA Senate District 3. We operate to fulfill an under-served market providing high quality, Veteran grown, and locally sourced Hemp derived CBD products to Georgians that desperately need and seek the relief cannabis can provide.

Spring 2020 I enrolled in College of Coastal Georgia, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree  in Public Policy, to continue my education and get an inside look at the post-secondary options that are available locally to our citizens. While working on my own personal development, I plan to take notes on what we can do to make higher education more accessible to anyone willing to put in the effort to further their education. 


The Modern Conservative

March 9, 2019 I was called to serve in the local Camden County Republican Party during their annual convention in 2019. I was nominated as 2nd Vice chair where I was tasked with outreach to the community. Since taking my position in March 2019 I have acted as a delegate to our District and State party convention, working hard in the field to elect STRONG State Party leadership in order to secure a 2020 Trump Victory in Georgia. Most recently our local party has been monumental in securing Local HB 681, necessary legislation that if passed, will restructure the organization of the Public Service Authority. This new law will require yearly audits and allow for additional citizen oversight by expanding the number of citizen board members. I was promoted to 1st Vice Chair, but unfortunately I have had to step down as a qualified candidate for GA State Senate District 3.

Cody Smith & Governor Kemp @ signing of
“Hemp Farming Act” in Valdosta, GA. (2019)

I believe whole heartedly in the US constitution, the inalienable rights it grants, and that ALL men and women are created equally.

I believe that our state government needs to be limited, and unnecessary regulations eliminated.

I believe Georgians 21 and older deserve the freedom to cultivate and possess cannabis for personal use without Government intrusion.

I believe in protecting our unique, diverse natural resources that make District 3 so special, and holding those responsible for ecological disasters in our state accountable for their actions!

Most importantly, I believe in the citizens of GA Senate District 3. Our community is strong, diverse, and rapidly expanding. My number one priority is learning what is important to you, enacting legislation that will have a positive impact in your life and defending the rights and protections afforded to us by the United States Constitution.  

Thank You For Supporting Cody Smith for GA State Senate!


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